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Green Power Development
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Green Power Development Green Power Development Green Power Development Green Power Development


1) Since when you visit our website () Vestas V112 turbine rated power 3 MW, produced the above amount of electricity.

2) Number of households (assuming average energy consumption 0.28 kW / h) supplied by Vestas V112 turbine rated power of 3 MW.

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Wind Energy Market in Poland and Europe

According to the assumptions adopted by the European Union - until 2020 approximetely 20% of the energy produced has to come from renewable energy sources (RES). The main role will be taken by wind energy, which will be a balance of 11,6-14,3% of produced energy.
In the European Union since year 2000, 30% of newly installed electric energy generators will use wind. The chart below shows the value of energy produced by newly installed generators in the European Union in 2008, depending on the type of energy source. Renewable energy sources are developing much faster than conventional, and the most important among them is wind energy.

Green Power Development - The value of energy produced by newly installed generators in the European Union in 2008

based on EWEA data

Saturation of wind power in Poland is among the lowest in Europe. In terms of percentage of wind energy in total energy consumption we, in addition to Czech and Hungarian, occupy a distant place - a well below the European average. The following graph presents three factors determining the saturation of wind power. For ease data are presented in proportion to the saturation of the current wind power plants saturation in Poland.

Green Power Development - Factors determining the saturation of wind power
based on EWEA data

As you can see on the map below presenting the installed capacity (MW) of wind energy in Europe at the end of 2009, countries with an area comparable to Polish (such as Spain, Germany and France) raise many times more wind energy. Slight saturation of Polish wind energy market heralds the rapid development of this industry.

Green Power Development - Installed capacity (MW) of wind energy in Europe at the end of 2009
based on EWEA data

The following chart shows the value of electricity production (MWh) using various technologies of RES in Poland in 2005-2008. As you can see the share of energy from the wind in our country is relatively small, what in the context of goverment plans, inevitably portends a very fast and dynamic development of the wind industry. According to the plan of the Ministry of Economy to 2030 approximately 18.2% of gross energy will be obtained from renewable energy sources.

Green Power Development - Value of electricity production (MWh) using various technologies of RES in Poland in 2005-2008

based on PSEW data

Every company which brings electricity to end customers must acknowledge the contribution of production from RES in total energy brought to customers in Poland, with certificates of origin (green certificates) or pay the replacement fee. Company may obtain a certificate of origin from its own production of energy from RES or acquire them in energy exchange.

Green Power Development - Required share of RES in the total amount of electricity supplied to final customers

based on Ministry of Economy data