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Green Power Development
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Kraków, ul. Zjazdu Gnieźnieńskiego 10/3
Green Power Development Green Power Development Green Power Development Green Power Development


1) Since when you visit our website () Vestas V112 turbine rated power 3 MW, produced the above amount of electricity.

2) Number of households (assuming average energy consumption 0.28 kW / h) supplied by Vestas V112 turbine rated power of 3 MW.

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Our offer


Comprehensive service investment
We offer a full-scale design work for wind farms and standalone turbines. We help to choose the correct location, we obtain all required permits and supervise the investment until the time of run. During our activities we aim to work closely with landowners, local and regional administration and power plants, making the investement process working smoothly and without complication.

We encourage you to read the detailed description of our activities in the Stages of cooperation division.

Reports & analysis
We also prepare reports on the suitability of land for wind farms, including, inter alia:

  • analysis of the wind
  • analysis of the terrain shape and roughness
  • Environmental analysis
  • analysis of  the installation and connection possibilities
  • analysis of the transport capacity

Raports can be produced in both paper and electronic form. In addition to the text part containing the detailed results of the analysis for chosen location, they also include cartographic materials presenting obtained results.

Cooperation with landowners
We are interested in cooperation with landowners who are willing to lease the land for wind turbines. We direct our proposal to both owners of large areas for the construction of entire wind farms, as well as to owners of small land lots ideal to build a single turbine. Our experts will assess the suitability of the area.

If you have any questions, feel free to consult with our experts.

Principles of cooperation

Preliminary Arrangements
At the stage of assessing detailed rules of cooperation, we analyze and adjust individually each project. This helps to avoid problems at later stages of the project.

Mutual benefits
We are flexible with regard to the principles of cooperation, insofar as they provide mutual benefits.
We care about understanding and clarification of mutual expectations, which will build without barriers a stable and satisfying business relationships.

Cooperation with communities
 To meet the expectations of local government units, concerned in development of wind power on its territory we will cooperate with communities:

  • looking for investors
  • interested in investing their own assets (for example in form of communal wind energy or wind energy limited company)
  • wishing to cooperate with the investor on the basis of public-private partnerships