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Green Power Development
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Green Power Development Green Power Development Green Power Development Green Power Development


1) Since when you visit our website () Vestas V112 turbine rated power 3 MW, produced the above amount of electricity.

2) Number of households (assuming average energy consumption 0.28 kW / h) supplied by Vestas V112 turbine rated power of 3 MW.

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Stages of cooperation

Location Analysis

During designing a wind power plant is particularly important to find a place which meets a number of conditions dependent on the natural and economic factors.

We begin our work from a detailed analysis of location, which consists of:

  • analysis of the shape and roughness of the terrain
  • wind analysis based on historical data
  • analysis of existing and proposed protected areas
  • assessment of the entries contained in Land use planning
  • checking existing power lines and the possibility of connection
  • ssessment of potential transport
  • complex creation of cartographic materials



In the next stage we take care of the formalities associated with project implementation, including:

  • negotiation of conditions and signing the leases with landowners
  • statement for a connection to the grid for the proper energy plant
  • statement for changes in the land use planning
  • statement for a development conditions and building permits
  • negotiations with business partners (local authorities, landowners and energy plants)
  • eveloping reports of the impact of the planned investment on the environment
  • obtaining environmental decision
  • negotiating connection agreement
  • adoption of changes in Local Plan

 The result of the actions taken at this stage is to regulate all the paperwork and obtain a complete set of licenses and contracts. The latter are the result of dialogue and negotiation ensuring the satisfaction of all parties. This gives an additional guarantee of stability of investment.



Pro  Project works begin at the stage of acquiring licenses. Parallel to the process and the formalities of taking into account the results of the negotiations, we perform technical design and cost estimate for a wind farm, including:

  • general plan for wind farm
  • plan of every turbine with the infrastructure on registration board
  • cables plan
  • plan of the main entry point for reception
  • overhead line plan
  • expertise on the initial annual yield of a wind farm


At the request of our customers in collaboration with partners we realize the final stage of the project: the final realization of investment, which consist of:

  • the measurement of the wind speed by measuring mast
  • construction site preparation
  • implementation of the foundations
  • implementation of the energy installation works
  • installation of turbines
  • turbines starting
  • turbines  testing