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Green Power Development
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Green Power Development Green Power Development Green Power Development Green Power Development


1) Since when you visit our website () Vestas V112 turbine rated power 3 MW, produced the above amount of electricity.

2) Number of households (assuming average energy consumption 0.28 kW / h) supplied by Vestas V112 turbine rated power of 3 MW.

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Agricultural Culture Days in Urzędów 05 - 03.12.2012

From 5th to 12th March in Urzędów Commune, the Agricultural Culture Days (ACD) were organized once again. Sessions of lectures and workshops for farmers were held in the Commune Cultural Center. On the third day of the ACD (7th March) lectures related to alternative sources of renewable energy were presented. This meeting was informative and it was the next stage of public consultation organized by the representatives of the Green Power Development and Contino Wind Partners. The companies are designing wind farm in the area of Urzędów Commune. The session began with starost of the poviat kraśnicki Tadeusz Wojak’s lecture New investment opportunity Kraśnik municipal development district’.
Our representative, Grzegorz Mück, presented a lecture ‘Stages of investment in terms of wind farm development’. Paweł Malarz, representative from Contino Wind Partners, presented a lecture devoted to the benefits of wind farm development for the commune and the local community. Tomasz Wegrzyn, the headman of Łęki Dukielskie village, were also invited to this meeting.  In Łęki Dukielskie wind farm is located since three years. The theme of his lecture was a case study – ‘Challenges and potential risks associated with construction and operation of a wind farm’.
Agricultural Culture Days in Urzędów Commune was a great opportunity to present the general picture of wind power, as well as the opportunities and benefits for the community generated by the formation of wind farms.

An important component of this event was a discussion between the interested groups, in which our representatives had an opportunity to listen to different opinions about the proposed project. They also gave detailed information about the project. In the nearest future Green Power Development is planning to build a measurement mast in the district of Urzędów Commune. Its task will be to determine the strength and direction of the wind and to obtain additional parameters important in selecting the optimum type of equipment for the project.

Another important step in the realization of the investment are changes in spatial planning, which will result in the emergence of sites predisposed to locate a wind farm.

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